Who Do I Follow?

Elizabeth, a dear and wonderful friend, who also sports the best heels day in and day out as a high school teacher, blogs the wittiest pieces!  I love following her-you should too!

Wearing Heels in a Flats World


Lenette, Elizabeth (aforementioned), and I all work together.  These two ladies ventured into the blogging world a while back…I, however, just jumped on the bandwagon…

So, let me share with you a delightfully witty, “think like a man”-yet be a sexy lady-type blog- The Flavor Fusion Project. Lenette blogs about delicious food and wonderful recipes.   She also throws in plenty of laughter into the mix with comical post like, Man-Made Food Abominations!  Check it out!


Marriage has many wonderful perks-one of them is meeting some really amazing new people when you meet your hubby’s family!  Hugette Montesino was one of them.  A life-time friend of my husband, she is truly a remarkable person!  She, people, has started her own magazine!!!  I know, how cool!  Well, she blogs and she prints…So whatever way you can get her-do!

Like no other, Disfunkshion Magazine is intended to touch the heart and soul of every young woman. By offering an array of articles and features full of REAL LIFE situations, awareness and advice for female-relevant interests, art of all forms, music and fashion, we hope to motivate and inspire the modern woman who must juggle the diversities and challenges of life, with style.


An old high school friend, Nikki Novo, has such a great story to tell and she does so in her blog.  She is incredibly talented, witty, and well-versed.  She helps you find yourself, while living out her own journey.  Follow friends!



This has become a huge favorite!  Mama’s Losin It is hillarious!!! You don’t have to be a mom to enjoy Kate’s renditions on life!  She is witty, well-versed and OH SO INSPRIRING.  Her weekly writing prompts force you to write, share and enjoy!  Please check her out.  You will not be sorry!



Witty take on married life!  You can tell the author is completely in love…Wonderful blog to follow no matter your status!

Man, Wife, and Dog


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