Little Letters

Picture courtesy of Caicos Sailing

Dear God, Thanks for this amazing vacation with wonderful family, great food and majestic sites.  Dear Blissful Friends, We are off to Virgin Gorda, part of the British Virgin Islands. The sites are truly incredible; the waters are so clear they mirror a swimming pool.  Yesterday we visited The Baths, pictured above.  I will write a post about that adventure later!  Dear Annoying TSA Agent, You are NOT Lebron James, watching you take my brand new bottle of sunscreen and my body cream and attempt to throw a three-pointer straight into the trash was not nice.  Honestly I wanted to tackle you to the floor.  I understand and follow regulations, however that was one slip up.  Dear Family, Thank you for inviting us on this magnificent trip.  We are having the time of our lives.  Dear Family and Friends back at Home, We miss you and we wish we could bring each of you with us.  We will be home soon, but we certainly have no problem with how slow time passes here in the islands.  Dear Molly, the Dog, Please behave with grandma and the Abuelitos.  Promise you will not be a troubled granddaughter.  Cheer them up with your love and personality.  Dear Husband, Seeing all these wonderful sites with you is a gift.  Thank you for being so incredible.  Dear Mom and Dad, Happy 36th Wedding anniversary.  You give us the perfect example and Javy and I know we will one day get there.

Blissful Blessings Friends,

Nicki G.The Blissful Wife

P.S. I will try to write Thursday and Friday, but just in case, I will be back Monday with tons of great stories.


Afternoon Letters

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Dear Lunch Time Friends, I had a wonderful time with you all.  It was a perfect touch to my day <3.  Dear Waiter who Scoffed at my Lunch Friend when she asked for her Glass of Water, Shame on you.  That wasn’t nice and rolling your eyes is not a friendly thing to do.  Dear Annoying Person I Encounter Every Day, I wish you could get a grip and not be so needy.  Really, the world does not revolve around you and your incessant need to constantly talk about yourself is incredibly unnecessary.  Dear Brother, I miss you and I love you.  I want you to be happy always.  The work you are doing will pay off, I know it.  Dear Kardashian Family, I am watching your show while I type because there is nothing else on, but really you guys drive me crazy.  I wish you would go away and keep your business private.  May I add that I understand I could simply change the channel, but sometimes I feel the need to watch the train wrecks you guys get yourselves into.  Dear Molly Mariethe dog- I wish I understood what you were trying to say when you stare at me and bark loudly as if I understood exactly what you were saying but chose to ignore it.

I hope you have enjoyed the letters..I have had fun writing them.


Nicki G. The Blissful Wife