Who am I?

As I prepare to depart my twenties and venture into the thirty-something world of life, I have come to terms with the idea this girl next door, now the newly-wed wife down the block, has to jump head on into her next adventures.

I am a fun, witty, brutally sarcastic, compassionate soul, who sets out each day to change the world and make it a better place.  I am the proud daughter, grand-daughter, sister, cousin, and niece of the most amazing, blended family.  I am the wife of the most beautiful, kind-hearted, romantic, intelligent, perfect man in the whole-wide world-my soul mate.  I am a high school teacher who loves her job, but despises the bureaucracy that limits its potential.  And among other things, I am a blogger, with lots to say, plenty to learn, and perhaps a thing or two to teach.

I am Nicki G, the BLiSsFuL WiFe with the BLiSsFuL ViDa.


7 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Yor blog is awesome. You are such a wonderful writer, you make everything sound so easy, especially when it came to finding your husband! 🙂

    • Haha- Tracey!! Easy it is not- Attainable, ABSOLUTELY! Trust me!! Thanks for the support!! I know you get our current situation and can relate! So here’s to loving ourselves a little more today!

  2. If I had gone after my wife when I was a high school senior, she would have been in the 6th grade. I think it somehow, would not have worked out well from her father’s standpoint.

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